Hey, I'm Samuel, I'm a {{auto_age}}-year-old student studying at the IUT of Belfort Monbeliard in computer science. To shorten what's written down below, I really like computers / electronics and board design / radio communication stuff like sattetlites / 3D Design and audio-visual stuff. I currently live in Alsace, France and while I like France I'm pretty good at English. If you want to learn more just scroll a bit.

If you want to see my recent work / current projects you might want to visit my blog by clicking the RSS icon (last one)


  1. (2019 - Now) HND  IUT of Belfort Montbéliard - HND in Computer science
  2. (2016 - 2019) High school  Lycee Theodore deck - Technological branch (STI2D-SIN)

Awards / Diplomas

  1. 2019  Technical baccalaureate (STI2D-SIN)

Proffessional experience

  1. 2016  1 Week discovery internship at "Lycée Don Bosco Wittenheim"


C++ C#

While I don't claim to be an expert in all of these languages (and OS), there is, of course, always room to learn. I've now done quite a few projects using them and consider myself pretty good.

I try to always use different modules and new methods of building projects each time. Depending on where it will run I either choose python or JavaScript (NodeJS / web) due to their modularity. In some rare cases where I need more speed I will either use c++ or c#

My go to operating system is generally Linux. However, to due the number of professional software like SolidWorks or the Adobe suite. I run a dual boot with Windows and Ubuntu. I'm pretty good with Linux and Inmainly learnt from digging around and running my servers. For instance this website, alongside quite a few other apps is hosted on a Debian server.


While I love programming, this isn't all my life.

I'm also a big space fan especially space radio communication and rf signals in general; I've previously received an ARISSLink SSTV Award (Award given to whom is able to receive the International Space Station while there is an SSTVDef event). See the award. I'm currently on my way studying to get my Amateur Radio License to be able to transmit at high power and bounce my way around sattelitesEsHail-2 (QO-100).

Aside from software development, I also really like going into to the hardware level and making all kind of stuff including hardaware authetification tokens, usb to rf converter, energy meter adapter, etc ... . After all these hardware projects I have gained a pretty good understanding in schematic drawing and pcb design. 


From high school to right now I've learned a lot of things in CAD design and 3D printing. I pretty much desing everything myself when I need it. Two hardest design that I made is a pair of bone conduction glasses and an adapter to fit the debug port of Ti-Nspire calculator.

I also really like to self-host things. I have a fully working home automatization system at my student apartment using a combination of HomeAssistant and Node-Red. I 
also usually self-host services like pastebin / URL shorteners / storage / etc ...

I don't really talk a lot about this but really like the whole of audiovisual especially working at the backstage of concerts / events. I have some notions of audio mixing / light shows, and I'm starting to learn the world of video. I annually attend the "Fete de la sorciere" at Rouffach in France, and when it happens help at a choir.

My Projects

While I write a lot of code, design a lot of schematics or 3d cad models and build a lot of project in general I've ordered my biggest here sorted by the 3 main categories If you want to see the full list you should probably head up to my Blog or even my Github page to see all of them.

This is a reduced list of the projects that I consider good enought to share here.


Wisp is a cross-platform audiobook player that uses electron and VueJS at his core


An stm32f103 capable of running the GNUK or U2F-Token firmware to use as a double authentification token


An atmega328p based 433MHz transmitter / receiver to control rf outlets.


Little website to test your hearing accuracy by guessing a random audio frequency.

TiNspire Shield

A project to send sms on the ti-nspire using a bluetooth module and ndless

Bone conduction glasses

3D Printed pair of glasses with bone conduction modules to be able to listen to music while you wear them

Some of the best school project that I feel confortable to share. There are others but they aren't worthy of being here.


A tetris clone with modified pieces, custom music and graphics (Group of 6)

Spider robot

A very simple spider robot. (Group of 4, Tasked with remote control)