Student / Developper / Maker

About me

I'm 18 years old and I'm a french student studing at the IUT of Belfort Monbeliard, I'm facinated abouts computers and electronics since I was 5. Talking about computers I know how to use languages like Python / C# / C++ / Java. I run linux and windows daily. On the electronics side I 'm pretty good with Arduinos / Raspberrys / Esp. I'm also intersted in audio mixing and ham radio

My projects

On the computer side

  • Android game (While learning unity) Puzzler. It's a reaction game you have to swap your side to match the piece that coming towards you.
  • New lunar republic android (While learing android studio) The NLR website / The app on github. The app allows you to watch My little pony episodes / films and comics on your phone instead of the website.
  • Watch videos in your linux terminal terminal_tv. Coded in C++ and it's allow you to play a video in your terminal using standart output
  • Minimalistic implementation of the VBAN protobol for python Code on github
  • Usb key logging system (For someone) Code on github
  • Type as fast as you can with no errors Typer on github

On the electonics side

  • Bone conduction glasses News article
  • Arkanoid padle based on a motor and an ATtiny85 Github
  • Spider robot (School project) Github
  • Robot race manager (School project) Github

On the radio side

  • ARISS Reception (International space station)
    • Recorded the downlink from the contact from a french school Youtube
    • Won an SSTV award
  • Weather satellite decoding See my Twitter bot (You need to scroll down to see some usable images)
    • NOAA 15-18-19 APT @ 137Mhz
    • Meteor M2 / M2-2 @ 137Mhz
    • Experiments with NOAA HRPT @ 1.6Ghz

Hey, you might be more interested in my blog where I will post all of my new projetcs. Really big project that took a lot of time and have a big writeup will be mirrrored here.
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