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About me

Hey, I'm Samuel, I'm a 21 years old maker. I really like computers / electronics & hardware design / radio communication / space / 3D Design and audiovisual stuff. I currently live in Alsace, France and while I like French, I prefer using English when I can. If you are eager to learn more, just scroll a bit. If you wish to see my recent work / current projects, you might want to go to my blog.

GPG key: 0xc97f759321c4c29c






I've spent some time creating a page that contains a non-exhaustive list of the various technologies & hardware I worked with at some point in my personal, professional or associative projects and activities.


Space & Radio communications

I'm a big space nerd, especially space radio communications and rf signals in general; I've received multiple images from meteorological satellites such as the NOAA and METEOR satellites series and planning to receive more advanced ones. I've previously received an ARISSLink SSTV Award. See the award. I'm currently on my way studying to get my Amateur Radio License to be able to transmit and bounce my way around satellites like QO-100.


Aside from software development, I also enjoy doing firmware development and hardware design. I'm completely self-taught in this domain, and I'm learning project after project of the mistakes I make. I've worked on all kinds of stuff including hardware authentication tokens, USB to RF converter, energy meter adapter, etc …. Doing these projects helps me gain a good understanding of the good practices in schematic drawing and PCB design.


From high school to right now, I've learned plenty of things in CAD and 3D printing. Since I own a 3D printer, I had to learn a lot of this stuff on my own. I design almost everything myself, like basic enclosures, to the hardest design that I ever made: bone conduction glasses!

Self-hosting & Automation

One of the things I do the most is managing and experimenting on my own network infrastructure at home. I run a complete network including a domain, SSO, multiple hypervisors, isolated vlans, storage, monitoring, etc….

I run services like HomeAssistant, Node-Red, Paperless which help me to organize and automate my daily life

Audio / Video

I also like participating in the audio, and lighting crew at the backstage of concerts / events. I have basic notions of audio mixing and simple light shows. Furthermore, I'm also starting to learn the big world of video production.

I annually attend the "Fête de la Sorcière" (Witch's Day) at Rouffach in France, and when it's scheduled, I help in the backstage at a choir.