Everyone want's to see how much power you are actually using, This product is a wireless adapter for the french energy meter (Linky). It's based on an esp8266 which convert the raw data coming from the teleinfo port on the linky and displays it in a web page. It also exposes an API for easy integration with a smart home dashboard like home assistant.

Why did I make it?

I'm a student in computer sciences so I was interested to see how I could decode it and make it more understandable for less technical people and at the same time improve my electrical engineering skill.

What makes it special?

It's small, it has a simple interface to set up and to see the data and most importantly it's wireless, not everyone wants a big cable running from their meter to their home automation server.

What's included

Depending on the options you will get the board and a case.


If you need support (eg. firmware update/error) just send me an email at tuglersamuel@gmail.com

Example of installation