Terminal TV

Terminal TV is a video player that allows you to display a video (or camera) into your terminal using ansi color codes. A full screen console with a font size of 11 can do approximately 30-35 fps



Libs requiered: libopencv-dev

samuel@FlutterShy:~/terminal_tv$ mkdir build
samuel@FlutterShy:~/terminal_tv$ cd build
samuel@FlutterShy:~/terminal_tv/build$ cmake ..
samuel@FlutterShy:~/terminal_tv/build$ make


You can use:

./terminal_tv input.mp4 

to load a mp4 video or this:

./terminal_tv /dev/video0

to load a camera. You can pretty much put any path that opencv accept and it will work. To remove all the information at the top by redirection the stderr to /dev/null:

./terminal_tv input.mp4 2>/dev/null


Example Video demonstration (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMIr55X8WbQ)